Everyone should have a self-care program that they follow and it can include anything as long as it helps the person who is involved in it. The purpose behind self-care programs is to provide the person with happiness and peace and help him/her adjust well with his/her life. You do not need a fancy self-care program because you can make one of your own very easily. It should include practices that help you be healthy and happy. We would really recommend that you try out reiki by Molly Coeling and it can certainly be included as one of your life goals as it benefits the body and mind.

Increase in Focus

One effect of Reiki that is reported by many people is that it helps them increase their focus in life which is a very important tool. When you are focused in your life, you are able to live in the present and able to enjoy every moment. It improves your decision making skills and actually makes the person feel like he/she is living a fulfilling life.

Harmony in Life

During a Reiki session, the practitioner will be sending good vibes into your body via a hands-on technique which will increase the harmony in your body. According to Reiki practitioners, the stress and anxiety that is a result of life events cause dissonance inside but that can be solved with a few Reiki sessions. Once you start Reiki, you will realize how balanced you feel in your life all the time and you will be a fan of it.

New Energy

As we mentioned above, Reiki practitioner will be transferring energy into your body so whatever tiredness or dullness you feel, it will be all gone after a good Reiki session.

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