We all know at least one person who has tried doing a cleanse and even does them regularly from time to time. They claim that the cleanse helps them flush out toxins and feel better, and that they even lose weight from it, however, the story happens to be a little different. There are a number of different types of cleanses ranging from tea to juice cleanses and whatnot. However, the fact is that a lot of cleanses do not actually work the way we think they do.

Regardless of whether you are on a 3 day or a 7 day cleanse, you usually cannot eat other food throughout the entire time. So, people who are on strict juice cleanses for instance, cannot consume anything other than the liquid. Now the question of whether or not they actually flush out any toxins is questionable, because most of the time during the cleanse, you will be using the bathroom a lot more regularly, and because you are doing this, you end up losing a lot of water weight, so that is the temporary result that is gained from the cleanse, and this weight comes back again after you quit the cleanse.

The only effective way any cleanse can work is if it is not done consecutively and paired with a better diet, and this is where nutritional cleanses come in. A nutritional cleanse has a kit that comes with Nutritional Cleansing weight loss products like the powders for the shakes on cleansing days, different supplements and snacks as well. The cleanses are only to be done 2 days a week and otherwise you have a healthier diet where you eat a slightly more restricted amount of calories and opt for intermittent fasting, allowing you to lose weight faster and better.

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