There seems to be a huge shift in Canada with regards to living preferences. More and more people are now preferring to live in condominiums rather than houses or apartments. Initially it was believed to be a thing that younger people were doing but over time middle aged adults, and even senior citizens have begun moving towards condominiums, many even leaving houses behind to choose to live in condos. In the last census it was even found that 1 in 8 households in Canada now reside in a condominium. This is an unprecedented number as this many people have never before chosen to live in condos. As more and more people begun moving towards condos and condominiums, the level and quality of the condominiums began increasing as well and many projects, like the CG Tower condos, sprung up for people to start bidding for and living in. In this article we will explore some of the reasons that people decided to move towards condos rather than the more traditional house as their living space.

Condos have always been a lot cheaper than houses but nowadays you are able to get luxury condos that charge you about one third the price of a house that would have the same living space. So essentially you could live in a condo as big as a house when comparing living spaces, but only pay a third of the price. This is really good for a lot of the younger people as they have been able to afford quality living spaces in a time after the housing market crashed worldwide.

A huge attraction point for the people who are older is that they do not have to spend quite as much on maintenance of the condo. The major issues are covered by the owners of the condominium.

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