Decent home audio can come at a price but when music a part of your life, there isn’t much left to compromise on. For the money that you can put towards an iPod or 2.1 speaker system, you can something with a lot more personality at a much cheaper rate. The second-hand market isn’t dead in the music world just yet and there are a couple of vintage gadgets that you should consider if you’re into spending time in the garage plugging in and out wires and getting all tech-savvy with the connectors, cleaning them out and inspecting the capacitors.

Old vintage audio amps have a lot to offer and if you keep scanning the market, you’re sure to find a good deal on one as well. Though vintage is often thought to be of antiques or old sports cars, the terminology is a bit looser here. There were lots of innovations for audio through the 60’s up to far past the 90’s but at that point it stops being vintage and more “modern”. So, staying within that range seems reasonable for someone to talk about vintage audio and the amps you get for them. But just about every home system is going to need two things to complete itself.

And those two things would just have to be the amplifier and the speakers to match. Source audio isn’t too hard to come by but at the end of the day, you may not have any idea what you’re doing to connect all these pieces of the puzzle. There are several guides as well as useful reviews on most vintage audio equipment and other assorted goods that are available at so if you’re really looking to pay homage to the old sort of music, this is the site for you.

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