In the past, deadlifts were done barefoot or with just socks on. However, now, deadlift athletes have started wearing shoes. While most of them know which kind to get, others know which shoes will provide the greatest support.

Which Shoes Provide The Greatest Support?

The best shoes for this sport are slippers as they have a flat sole which will provide a relatively larger surface area. This will enable the athlete to exert as much force as possible and get the desirable outcome. After getting into the support, most powerlifters realize that not wearing any shoes produces the best outcome but now this sport requires for you to wear shoes. Slippers are preferred by athletes that understand completely the mechanics of the sport. The thin sole reduces the length by which the bar needs to be lifted as a thinner sole will mean less distance from the ground. Due to this, the bar will start higher on the shins and produce a very good outcome. The shoes should feel as fitted as possible to eliminate any movement that could occur in the feet as this sport depend on grip and firm support.

There aren’t many places that you can get shoes that come with tarsal support and removable sole. Titan Australia makes slippers that are widely used both sumo and conventional deadlifting. They are made of polyester and come with an additional rubber sole which helps the athlete to keep balance on all kind of surfaces such as wood, concrete, carpet, etc. They are also embedded with additional tarsal support that provides immense support to the feet. To order these slippers you can visit their website, These slippers are made of a fabric which is breathable which in turn removes sweat and odor.

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