Steroids are drugs often used by a lot of people for their hormones to mainly produce more muscles. Steroids are an organic compound with four rings arrangement in a specific molecular configuration. They are widely used in both genders, and for people who love to build up some muscles. The first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word steroids is probably a bulky man using legal steroids in UK to build up muscle in the gym.

Or an athlete trying to gain a position with his physique. But, little do we know, steroids are produced in your body naturally regardless of you being a man or a women. In fact, steroids are very important hormones, and your body needs them to perform certain functions. Steroids are organic compounds, which makes it very clear about the group they belong to. By being an organic compound means that they have carbon in them, like protein, lipid, and carbohydrates.

Are Steroids safe and should we use them?

Steroids can have many bad side effects, some can even leave a long term affect too. Steroids are drugs which alternate your body physically and interrupt the natural course of our bodies which our body denies and then it causes several severe reactions. These effects can also affect our brain. Like other drugs, Steroids does not leave a short term effect, its effects are always long term. Those who abuse the use of steroids can also experience short term mental problems such as impaired thinking, paranoia, extreme feeling of anger or an anger burst you can call it. Steroids also effect the hormonal system which can bring some physical changes in our bodies such as breast loss or gain, problems with sperm count, variations and swelling in the sizes of our genitals.

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