When it comes to music, bands and musicians come and go. While some manage to survive the ever evolving and changing tide of music, some just get buried under the overwhelming shift that comes. However, one band managed to defy the expectations of everyone, and ended up becoming one of the most important bands that have ever walked the earth.

I am talking about Black Sabbath, for those who have not guessed it. Hailing from the murky UK of the mid 60’s, Black Sabbath did the unthinkable – they single handedly created a genre that many people were aware of, but were too afraid to try it out. It was Tony Iommi, the lead guitarist, the iron man who thought of using the tri-tone and ended up creating some of the easiest, most haunting riffs – the same riffs guitarists after him used, and are still using.

The Invented Heavy Metal

I don’t think I have ever heard someone talk about an artist who invented a genre. I mean, sure, Michael Jackson was the king of pop, but did he invent it? No, he did not. The same cannot be said for Black Sabbath. Sure, there were other heavier bands than Sabbath before they joined the scene, but the one thing they all lacked was Iommi’s control on the guitar. Needless to say, it was Black Sabbath who invented heavy metal.

They Stood Out

Before Black Sabbath’s arrival on the scene, the music was going through some strange time – bands would prefer to sing about love, peace, and other similar thing. Despite The Door’s attempt at talking about death and sex, there was a lot of poetry included. Black Sabbath, however, had something entirely different in mind; they wanted their music to be dark, the type of music that would send shivers down one’s spine, and they managed to do that.

They Have Been Fronted By Some of The Best Vocalists

Although many would say that the Ozzy era was the best, it is an undeniable fact that when it comes to vocalists, not many bands can rival just how amazingly decorated Black Sabbath have been. For starters, they have been fronted by vocalists from Deep Purple, Judas Priest, as well as Rainbow. I am not talking about guest musicians, I am talking about vocalists who have recorded studio albums, and the albums that found huge level of success, especially the ones that were released under Ronnie James Dio’s vision.

Tony Iommi

Okay, Tony Iommi deserves his own section; a factory worker who nearly lost his fingers in an accident went on to become the godfather of a genre that has been here since the 60s, and is still continuously evolving and changing at a breakneck speed. What started off from a bleak town of Birmingham ended up becoming a genre with over 25 sub-genres, each with their distinct characteristics, and style.

Would all of that have been possible without Iommi? No, it wouldn’t have.

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