Sometime ago, ketogenic diet took the world by storm but the problem was that it was not at all suitable for vegans as it required high intake of protein which was difficult for vegans as they do not consume any sort of animal products. This is where vegan ketogenic diet came in and swooped the world. It is a diet that allows vegans to reap benefits of the keto diet while maintaining the ethics of veganism.

If you already know everything about the diet and just want the list of food, jump to but if you do not, continue reading so that you can learn all the information which will help you make an informed decision. Ketogenic diet has been around a long time and is said to work because it allows the body to use ketones as the main source of energy. The benefits of the diet are many like healthy weight loss, improved mental functioning, positive effect on neurological degenerative diseases, improvement in metabolism, and reversal of type 2 diabetes, enhanced stamina, and reduction of acne, higher chance of prevention of cancer, epilepsy treatment and improvement in chronic headaches.

  1. When you are on the diet, it is absolutely necessary to note down the food that you eat. It will allow you to count your calories and help you identify what vitamin, mineral or protein you are lacking.
  2. Once you know what your diet is lacking, you need to choose supplements to cover them up. It is suggested to consult a doctor for this part and not administer supplements on your own.
  3. You should check if your body has entered ketosis via ketone blood test strips.
  4. Only eat what you find in a vegan ketogenic food list.
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