Shaving is an important man of any man’s daily routine. Regardless of whether you opt for a clean shave or you shave to clean up or shape your facial hair, you know and understand that it is a critical part of your routine. Yet, a lot of men seem to do it incorrectly, which causes problems like cuts, rashes, razor burns or just an inconsistent shaving job. So, we have created a quick instruction manual on how you can get the perfect shave.

  • You need to prep your skin before you actually shave it. This is to prevent razor burns and rashes later on. What you ideally need to do is shave after a warm shower, if not that, then you should press a moist, warm towel on your face for two minutes in order to wet your facial hair and face.
  • Next, apply a moisturizer on your face.
  • Once that is done, it is time to put on shaving cream. Invest in a good shaving cream apart from the ones that are found in aerosols since they are rich in chemicals.
  • It is recommended to apply the shaving cream with a brush so that it can reach the base area of your facial hair. Once that is done then wait for 2 minutes to let the shaving cream bond with your facial hair.
  • Shave with the grain for a more proper and thorough job. You can do it more than once for a cleaner look.

It is really important that you go for a good shaving razor for your face because no matter your prep work and how well you shave, your razor will ultimately determine how it will go in the end. So, opt for more expensive and better blades. You can check out as a potential option.

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